my work speaks for me.

Arkeydock screen shot


ArkeyDock is an user interface for docker. It facilatates to access all the features of Docker through cloud hosting. It built using Docker remote APIs. It can be deployed anywhere and connect to any docker instance.

antkorp screen shot


Antkorp is a Enterprise Collaboration and Communication Tool, built on top using HTML5. Developed using Websockets, Backbone, underscore, jQuery, Requirejs, etc.. It is pure object oriented largescale application based on MVC architecture.

arkeyjs screen shot


ArkeyJS is a open-source polyfill library developed for using custom element specification v0 and v1. Since browsers dropping support for spec v0, it can be used as a replacement with minimal change in code.

Comecero screenshot

Comecero App

Comecero is a e-commerce solution which comes with unique features. Contributed to Comecero App as a freelancer.

Games screen shots

RealTime Multi-player Games

Developed two multi-player games. Which are real time applications built with HTML5. Used bootstrap for responsive nature of applications. Games produces native speed and have good user experience.

resume template screenshot

CV Template

CV Template is designed using CSS3 and it is simple in design. It gives placeholders for different section in timline manner. A pure CSS3 template can be used to present CV.

Cine Pass screen shot

Cine Pass

Cine Pass is a website template to post movies and media conent. It has unique features like search and paginataion. It built using Angular 6 and demonstrate all the features of angular.

Arkey portfolio site img

Arkey Portfolio

Arkey portfolio a website template developed to share a open-source project. It comes with different categories to exibhit all experiments and code snippets.