Thread Communication with MessageChannel

Communication between HTML5 webworkers using Message Channel API. This is to process the requests simultanously as an independant process. It is very useful for building high processing web Applications.

Websocket Connection sharing over browser tabs.

Sharing a single resource all over tabs. This hack is to maintain the context between the windows.

Peer to Peer Multiplayer Game

Simple Multi-Player Game built using HTML5 canvas and Web RTC. This demostrates how we can build real time games using Web RTC Data Channels. Demo is completly built using HTML5. Each action updated using Peer to Peer communication only.

Shared Drawing Board

A Drawing board that is collaborated between participants. Each event is broadcast to all the participants and the board is available to share socially.

Rawbot: webscraping tool

Rawbot is an experiment to scrap any website using advanced methods. It can initiate any request with Aunonamous IP , Random OS , Random UserAgent , Random Session , and Random referrer. With this scraping would be more anonymous and it user THOR browser and PhantomJs.